“The Principles of Food and Health”

To our Dear Friends,

“Eating the right way not only prevents diseases, but also generates health

and a sense of well being both physically & mentally”

Feel good and develop a healthy relationship with your body.

A right diet = right mind = right thought = right action

Today’s topic is from the book “The China Study”. Its not about milk or dairy this time,

but it’s all about The PRINCIPLES of FOOD & HEALTH (I’ll make it short and sweet, promise)

*Just a refresher to some who missed this topic, the book talks about the dangers of milk and dairy. TRUE

*Yes I know cheese is so good! If it can’t be avoided then minimize it. Moderation = Balance


The author gives his principles of food and health, here it is:

#1 Nutrition represents the combined activities of the countless food substances.

~ Ex: when you drink green smoothies, your body reacts to the benefits of the each green & each fruit.

Our body will engage in complex reactions from all the different foods we eat and it will work together to produce our health.

#2 Vitamin supplements are not a panacea for good health.

~ relying on supplement pills while continuing to eat bad food is a waste of money. Popping supplement pills alone won’t buy you health, the key is still proper nutrition.  We are not saying that supplements are not important but they are not always the answer to optimum health.

#3 There are virtually no nutrients in animal-based foods that are not better provided by plants

#4 Genes do not determine disease on their own. Genes function by being activated and nutrition plays a big role in determining which genes (good or bad) are expressed.

~ Genes are dormant until something prompts their activity whether good or bad. We can offset disease causing genetic effects & protect our DNA by feeding our genes right.
~ Ex: my family has a history of diabetes, I may get it too and perhaps i already have it but by feeding my genes right I may be able to control it and perhaps change its course.

#5 The same nutrition that prevents diseases can stop or reverse disease in its later stage.

~ Ex: If cancer or other diseases is already growing, it can be slowed down or even halted by good nutrition.

#6 Good Nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence.

~ the holistic concept doesn’t simply mean alternative medicine or eating only organic whole foods.

Holistic health tackles the inter-relationship of all other experiences, it comprises of our diets, physical activity, relationships (with the planet and man) and emotional/mental health ~ that is holistic.

~ when we change the way we think about our health, we will change the way we perceive the world.

* We wish all to develop a long lasting LOVE with their health for it shall give happiness and peace.

PS: Included is a nice raw snack recipe ~ no dehyration required! Snack well people!

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