The Green Light on Green Smoothies and Get to Know Pedro

Another Healing News from us, with Love.

Just to prove to you that Green Smoothies & Raw Foods are spectacular, magnificent, fabulous and super dooper good. Here is a testimonial on great Green Smoothies:

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(get to know Pedro after this testimony)

Sam Bank’s Inspirational Green Smoothie Experience.

“I wanted to share with you just how great Green Smoothies have been for me since starting them on March 22, 2012.

Changes I can see:
ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY! My workouts have been stronger and I can actually stay up past 9pm – even to 10:30pm when I get up at 6am.
CLEAR SKIN – I have been battling (and losing until now) adult acne since I was 25 – I am 42 now. Nothing helped externally or internally from doctors or skincare experts – UNTIL NOW – I don’t even use foundation – it is such a change – vanity yes but I have spent almost 20 years and probably $100s of dollars. After about 2 -3 weeks I started noticing my skin clearing and feeling great. It usually hurt – cystic type zits – I haven’t had one since I started the smoothies. It is such a relief.
REGULARITY – yah -gross but boy you feel good everyday!
CRAVINGS – FOR MORE VEGETABLES – I can’t tell you how much I want to eat healthy now. Rarely do I want chips, candy or my worst craving -PIZZA. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years but I would still pick the pepperoni off my family’s pizza when my veggie slice was finished just to consume more dough and cheese. I honestly can’t stomach the grease now – I am “put Off” pizza usually. Honestly, I do eat it still but I can actually stop before I have gorged myself. Often switching to the celery sticks that came with the family’s wings.
KNOWING THAT I AM MAKING A GOOD IMPRESSION ON MY GIRLS – they have the shakes too – although I admit they are not having them as regularly as they should. When my 10 year old comes home from a birthday party or that last day of school stuffed from candy and pop and junk – she actually says “mom can I have a shake tomorrow morning? I feel so gross” I don’t lecture her – she has figured it out herself. My 14 year old daughter has too – and often sneaks my leftover morning shake that didn’t fit the smoothie cup.

I regularly complained about stomach aches and gas – those too are gone.

I LOVE GREEN SMOOTHIES – breakfast everyday, sometimes a small afternoon one for snack and occasionally if I am busy – I have one for dinner. I eat other regular meals and drink tons of tea (I have always drank pots of tea!!) The clarity and wellness I feel is unbelievable. Afternoon grogginess is gone, I am more productive and that lets me be a better mom, employee and person!”


Hope that encourages you all to eat more raw foods and drink green smoothies

Please remember that a balanced diet, proper nutrition, detoxification therapies,  a positive outlook, a purpose in life, kindness and love to god, others and yourself are all factors needed for a healthy well-being.

Nourish your body and mind…but most importantly your spirit
We serve a drink called Green Peace Pedro,
get to know him…
Green Peace Pedro is organic lemon grass root, yellow watermelon, apple, raw wild honey & organic greens.

Watermelon – Awesome immune booster, low in calories, rich in electrolytes, rich in Vitamin A (eye sight). Its a cousin of cucumber & gourd, it’s really a vegetable and not a fruit.
O’ Lemon Grass Root – remedy for stress and indigestion. Its anti-fungal too. Good for cold, flu & arthritis.
Apple – good source of vitamin A (for skin, eye & bone cell development) and vitamin C. Great thirst quencher just like watermelon.
Raw Wild Honey (from the forest) – promotes energy from its carb content & increases anti-oxidants as well.
O’ Greens – rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals.

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