Over eating, Eating Late & Acidic Foods

August 25, 2011

A short read and reminder to everyone about OVEReating, eating LATE and consuming ACIDIC foods.

Experiencing fatigue, stomach cramps, indigestion, gas, bloating and lack of concentration ~ the reason behind it may be your eating habits, overeating, eating late at night or eating mostly acidic foods (flesh foods, white sugar, caffeine, sodas, fast foods and processed foods)

What happens when we OVEReat?

Quoting Gabriel Cousens, M.D. “the body mind life force becomes drained because it has to divert essential energy to support the overstrained digestive system and compensate for low cellular oxygen from blood sludging and high fats”.

It simply means that too much energy is focused on digesting the extra amount of food we ate that is why we feel lethargic afterwards

 Tip: just stop before you are full. Have healthy snack in between meals *hint : whole foods, fruits & green smoothies or pure juices. Eat slowly and chew plenty .


What happens when we eat LATE at night?

If you want to wake up feeling fresh and light, eating after 7pm or eating 3 hours before bedtime is NOT what you should do.

Undigested food accumulates and will continue to rot in the stomach. The food will putrefy and surely increase the toxics in the body.

The Ayurvedic system of medicine says that 10am-2pm is the best time for optimal digestive powers. In the Chinese system of medicine, it is from 7am-9am.

Note: everyone is made differently, listen to your body and pay attention to your own digestive cycle but regardless, eating after 7pm is still not recommended.


What happens when we eat ACIDIC foods?

You should know that by now. Cancer breeds in an acidic environment.

Try to have a balanced Ph level. Too acidic is bad and so is too alkaline.

When one eats acidic foods, one increases the toxic levels in the body making one feel lethargic, sickly, dull and heavy.    

Note: whole foods are not hard to find in the Philippines, let’s make changes and start being aware of our food choices. 

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