* all leafy greens & herbs are ORGANIC * all fruits are natural * coconut water is freshly opened*

* all beverages are freshly made *

500ml – PHP 160.00 | 1L – PHP 270.00

  • HELLA GREEN {Thirst quencher and Energizer} PURE Coconut Water, ORGANIC Greens, Banana & SWEET Yellow Mango.
  • KALE KOLADA  ORGANIC Kale, Banana, Pineapple, PURE Coconut Water, Coco flakes 
  • SPINACH KOLADAORGANIC Spinach, Banana, Pineapple, PURE Coconut Water, Coco Flakes
  • JOE’S GREEN MIND {Cleanses and Refreshes the body} PURE Coconut Water, ORGANIC Greens, ORGANIC Mint, ORGANIC Cucumber, Banana & Peeled Apple
  • GREEN MONSTER XAVIER {Encourages healing and Aids in digestion} REAL slices of Pineapple, ORGANIC Ginger, ORGANIC Greens & RIPE Banana
  • GREEN DREAM CASANOVA {Great overall detoxification tonic} FRESH Pineapple, Banana, ORGANIC Greens, ORGANIC Cilantro, Cinnamon & Peeled Apple
  • BITTER SWEET XAVIER {Effective antioxidant and antibacterial.} REAL Pineapple, Banana, ORGANIC Greens, ORGANIC Bitter Gourd “ampalaya” and RAW Wild Honey. (don’t be swayed by the “ampalaya”, it’s worth a try!)
  • GREEN KISS XAVIER {Calming to the nerves & eases high blood pressure} REAL slices of Pineapple, Banana, ORGANIC Greens & ORGANIC Celery
  • GREEN GOD SEBBY {A natural energy booster} PURE Coconut Water, Peeled Apples, ORGANIC Greens, ORGANIC Ginger & Banana
  • GREEN LOVER LUNA {High in nutrition & Low in calorie} FRESH Watermelon, ORGANIC Greens, Banana, Cinnamon & ORGANIC Moringga “malunggay” Leaves.
  • GREEN LOCO LUCHO {A cool pre/post work out beverage} PURE Coconut Water, ORGANIC Celery, ORGANIC Greens, Peeled Apple & Banana
  • GREEN JUNKIE JIMENAFRESH Watermelon, ORGANIC Cucumber, ORGANIC Greens, Pineapple & Banana
  • GREEN HERB JUANI – Banana, Peeled Apple, ORGANIC Greens, ORGANIC Celery, ORGANIC Basil and Goji Berries.
  • GREEN PEACE PEDROFRESH Watermelon, PEELED Apple, ORGANIC Lemongrass Root, ORGANIC Greens & RAW Wild Honey



* no leafy greens * highlighting the benefits of SUPERFOODS*

500ml – PHP 160.00 | 1L – PHP 320.00

  • HEARTBEETRAW ORGANIC Beets, Banana, Goji Berries, RED Watermelon, FLAX SEEDS, RAW Wild Honey & ORGANIC Ginger
  • OL DAY DETOXRAW ORGANIC TURMERIC root , ORGANIC Carrots, Mango, Pineapple, Cayenne, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut Water & just a little wild honey.
  • HAPPY BUZZ ORGANIC MINT, Coconut Meat, Cacao, Banana, Mango, ORGANIC Malunggay (Moringa)


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