Water Kefir Tips and Benefits


What is Water Kefir?

It is certainly not your typical probiotic beverage, it’s not derived from milk and it has more healthy bacteria and yeast strains compared to yogurt and the typical store bought probiotic beverages.

Water Kefir is a fermented beverage that contains probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, B vitamins and minerals. It has many possible health benefits, its tasty and refreshing – another wonderful health drink alternative to add to your diet.

The history of water kefir goes way back; although it’s hard to say its real origin some pinpoint it to Mexico, Europe and Tibet. Though the benefits are quite the same with the milk kefir they are entirely different in cultures and even history. Nevertheless, kefir has been used over the centuries and remain to be a powerful probiotic beverage for everyone to enjoy.


Benefits of Water Kefir According to Gabriel Cousens:

“Because of kefir’s ability to establish healthy bowel flora, it is beneficial in preventing many gastrointestinal disorders. Some researchers have found that kefir also exudes bacterial inhibitory factors, which prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. In this sense, it actually acts as a natural antibiotic. Some studies show that kefir whey neutralizes most pathogenic bacteria within 24 hours.”

“Kefir grains produce right-rotating L(+) lactic acid, which is an important constituent of the human body. It is particularly important in the prevention of cancer and has been used experimentally with success in the treatment of cancer. In addition, right-rotating lactic acid may help maintaining healthy functioning of the heart. According to some researchers, the cells of the heart muscle obtain their energy primarily from right-rotating lactic acid.”


Drinking water kefir:

  • Promotes overall wellness
  • Balances the guts microflora and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast and some viruses
  • Helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Encourages good digestion
  • Helps with sleep disorders
  • Prevents unhealthy food cravings (just like green smoothies!)


Consumption tips:

We feel that the best tip to give you is to listen to your body’s reaction to water kefir. You may start with 1 cup and gradually increase to 2 or even 3, but our advice is to drink it in moderation. You may drink it straight for 2 weeks and then stop for 1 week just to give your body a rest. It can be combined with water or juice and can be taken with a meal or alone. It’s like a juice but healthier.

Diabetics, pregnant women and children can drink water kefir in small amounts.
For diabetics, consult with your doctor or just check your sugar level whenever you drink it and adjust your consumption accordingly.
For pregnant women and children, its best to consume in small amounts as it contains some alcohol.

Listen to your Body. Moderation is the Key.

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