Green Smoothie Benefits

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Drinking green smoothies on a daily basis is advantageous to your health.

Here is why we LOVE green smoothies so much:

  1. Green smoothies offer real nutrition. The fruits, greens and vegetables that make the drink are loaded with vitamin A’s and C’s, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids that are beneficial to your body.
  1. Green smoothies is a complete meal, it contains vitamins, minerals, protein plus fiber which you don’t get in regular juicing.
  1. Green smoothies promote energy. The natural sugar and water from fruits combined with greens and vegetables produce lasting energy and hydration. Since green smoothies are also raw, they are easier to digest leaving you with more energy to utilize.
  1. Green smoothies support weight management. It’s raw, water rich, loaded with fiber, low in calories and high in nutrients. It’s the best meal or snack replacement that will leave you full and nourished. Aside from this, its rich fiber content will encourage regular movement and elimination of toxins which is crucial for weight loss.
  1. Regular consumption of green smoothies is known to curb cravings from junk foods, processed food and sweets thus promoting conscious eating habits.
  1. Green smoothies boost the skin because toxins are rid out of our bodies making your skin more glowing and radiant.
  1.  Green smoothies will make you feel balanced. The oxygen and real nutrients from fruits, green and vegetables will support hormonal balance or homeostasis.
  1. Green smoothies will make you feel calmer and happier. Our bodies are a ball of energy and we vibrate at high speed, by fuelling our bodies with pure living foods we allow our bodies to shift into a more positive and alkaline state.
  1. Green smoothies heal. Like the famous saying “let food be thy medicine”, the pure and living ingredients found in green smoothies contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that heals our bodies from all sorts of diseases.
  1. Green smoothies are the best way to get our children to eat their greens, fruits and vegetables. It is nutritious and yummy that even pregnant women can consume it.


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