About Us

What We Do

RAWlicious is passionate about inner wellness, people and planet.

Our mission is to provide nourishing & pure juices that will allow people to reconnect with their inner health while respecting mother earth and recognizing natures healing powers.

We started in 2010 whipping up green smoothies with the objective of promoting organics, encourage conscious eating and make people realize the amazing benefits of raw food.



To create awareness of the healing powers of nature

To encourage a holistic approach to wellness

To promote conscious eating

To advocate for organic farming by supporting and encouraging more local farmers to grow organically

To make products that are real to us and to others



Our Beverages

Our “smoothies” are 100% natural, fresh, living beverage that’s made with Organic greens, Organic vegetables, Organic herbs and real fruits.

We pride on our wholesome and all natural drinks, we use only the freshest ingredients from mother nature. CHEERS TO YOUR INNER HEALTH!

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