We value the freshness of our products that is why all our beverages are unprocessed, freshly made and contains no preservatives and artificial sweeteners. The shelf life may be short but that is our assurance to you that it is real and very natural.



Green Smoothies should be consumed within 3 days.

Water Kefir can keep for 2 weeks. Note: that it contains some alcohol, the longer you keep your water kefir the more alcohol it produces.

Don’t drink water kefir and drive.

All our drinks must be kept cold or refrigerated.



Our beverages are fresh and unpasteurized that is why the consistency may never be exactly the same.


  • Because we rotate the organic greens every week
  • Sometimes we cannot control the natural ripening of the fruits even when it’s bottled

We keep it real. Rest assured that these instances rarely occur. Everything is made the same way all the time, using the same care, method and ingredients.



All greens, vegetables, and herbs are organic.



The sweetness of your drinks are made only from fruits! Some flavors have wild honey in them however it will be clearly stated on the ingredients list. If there is nothing listed, then it’s all honest to goodness freshly cut up fruits.

Since organic fruits are difficult to find, we make sure that our fruits are freshly cut, not frozen, dried or canned. Every fruit that goes into your drink is still in its whole and natural state.



For our Green Smoothies:

We use raw unprocessed wild honey on selected flavors only. It is indicated and used sparingly.

Note that if wild honey is not indicated on the ingredient list, the sweetness comes directly from the fruits it’s made with, nothing more.

For our Water Kefir:

Sugar is one of the main ingredients of water kefir. We use organic muscovado or organic coconut sugar.


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